Baby Surprise !

Hi There!

To kick off my little - bitty break for Thanksgiving I meet up with some neighborhood friends to celebrate their new baby-to-come.  I loved the idea of this party.  It was reveal night at the Wine Palette. Shaun and Erin, my new friends, are a husband / wife team who have joined me at Lucy and Company with their upholstery and carpentry skills and have been great to work with!  I wanted to be there to see the surprise when they opened the ultrasound envelope !

At the Wine Palette here in Charlotte you can paint a little and drink a little.  I knew it was time for a cocktail, but slap a brush in my hand with a drink and you have quite the combination.   The idea was for all their friends and family to help create a piece of art for the future nursery!

Shaun, looking stunned at the news he's having a son !

Nine of us took brush in hand and each painted a square in the overall art piece for the nursery.  A large tree grouping with soft bubble like leaves.  I love the thought and idea they chose.  

So of course when I got home after a long week I starting playing around with a nursery idea or two, as the Atkinson's  are coming down to the showroom on Friday with their family to see what we can create !  Yeah I know - it sounds like more work, but not really,  I love it . . playing around with design boards while watching a movie with the kids calms me down and I am more than happy to help those two!

With the style of their house, a cutesy - theme room is not their look or personality.  I would go graphic overall.  With the new tree painting and tree shelf Erin loves, I would mix in strong and multiple patterns.  Maybe a cornice covered in an old rug, a pouf rather than matching ottoman.  A small metal top table.  Mixing all wood types and contrasting wainscoting to lighten it all up.

Option Two . . . something a little brighter ? 

With this direction, I would paint the wainscoting one shade darker than the walls and find that one killer fabric for the window.  Fill the room with interesting finds old and new, a real eclectic mix.

. . .  Let's see what they think!

Now it's the back deck I go to take a whiff of the "smoke'n" turkey that Keith has going !

Happy Thanksgiving !

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  1. You captured the night so perfectly! Really looking forward to seeing the new nursery!