The End to a Great Weekend !

Hey All . . .

I have been MIA for a few days for one main reason, with the exception of a food-filled Thursday with all the trimmings, I have been so so busy at the office redecorating, re-arranging and reorganizing.  Now that may not sound like a restful Thanksgiving Weekend, but I actually kind of loved it.  It was quite, and I had the place to myself along with the painters and carpenters, looking to keep busy.  The studio is breathing fresh life, new looks, new things, new office space . . I cannot wait to give you a look-see - stay tuned, I am more than half way there! Mekenzie will be moving her studio in next week as well, and we will be creating all sorts of great new things.  With a few new events I will be hosting there and an interested publication - the space needed a face lift !  2013 will be the best ever.   

I came home today at the end of day three of all-day grunt work, took a nap and wandered down the street with the husband and kids to see the live nativity.  Only in my neighborhood do they pull out the real camel !  

Just wanted to share the cuteness !

Yes, that would be his hump. . moving so fast, could hardly catch him !

Hope every one's Thanksgiving was grand.

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