Pondering a Leather Sofa?

Hey There . . . 

Do you have one of these?

Then its time to upgrade to one of these . . .

I am all about the leather sofa's these days,  I just posted about the two new additions to my family room.  I mixed a green chesterfield with a worn caramel leather chair . . . (the above is the sofa version).

The plus side to a good leather sofa . . . they stand the test of time, soft, easy to care for and for me, the more they "wear" the better they look.  If you are on the fence about the look, let me give you a few images that just might change your mind . . .  I pulled all these from my pinterest files ...  The look is a bit industrial, relaxed and loft like.

So if it's time to change it up . . . let me know, be happy to help you pick the best one !


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