Bringing Two Rooms Together . . .

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I finished up a nursery install along with big brother tweak pre-Christmas break that I wanted to share.  It's a great example of how to jack and jill two siblings - boy and girl that is !  How to bring the colors together through a bathroom.

My client Marisa Deaton planned ahead for this baby girl, knowing she would probably come early !  The only challenge in this project was to combine both the new nursery through the jack and jill bathroom into her son's room with it's existing pale blue paint.

With the blue in big brother's room, I chose to use the turquoise in the nursery and this wall paper and fabric were my starting point.  It was pretty perfect in that it also had a touch of navy, taupe-brown and powder blue - colors already found in the adjoining room.

The feminine turquoise in a floral was perfect.  Using that wall paper I pulled in all the colors and accessories. Already having the crib and dresser, we had a little more in the budget to fill in with accessories!

Take a look at the design board and finished product.

The key was to create a bathroom with a color combination that tied the two together.  Stripes were my way to accomplish that.

For her son, we just did a simple update.  We added the accent wall paper, which I love!  With all the blue walls existing in the room, it lightens and adds a layered interest.  I brought in a new rug with a dark brown accent fabric to add some depth and pulled that chocolate onto the windows to again layer and add depth to his "sweet" nursery transforming it to a little boy !

We have moved onto the guest room and playroom, adding a tweak here and there.  Good luck Marisa with the new baby girl !  It was fun.

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