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I don't have to go far to get inspired by the Pantone Color of the Year, Emerald Green.  I just have to looking around my showroom or come home to my new green Chesterfield.   Last year I re-designed the showroom using Emerald Green as my punch color.  I was ahead of trend. . . love that!

I still love it  . . . Get inspired with Emerald Green . . . 

Last year I wanted the March of Dimes Designer House to have strong, bold colors.  Having the freedom to do anything I wanted, I really aimed to show the use of black and white and not be afraid of it.  Having always loved emerald green - I used that as my pop color.  It's strong, crisp look instantly reminds me of nature's malachite, which is so amazing.

I still love mixing Emerald with black and white . . .

But a pop of turquoise in the mix . . gives it a whole new feel.  Still strong and sharp, but maybe not quite as saturated feeling?

I just spotted Lulu DK's new bird fabric below (available at www.lucyandcompany.com) and I love this idea - the wall plate grouping.  Typically a "plate installation" can read very traditional, yet hung in this way with the cut edges is much more modern and artistic !
The turquoise velvet chairs seem to break up the b/w/emerald a bit and soften the look.  Mix in a rug - an Aquasilk and you have something pretty spectacular.

What is Aquasilk you ask . . . a harmonious connection between nature and interiors, taking it's inspiration and allure from the ocean.  Hand-woven in India using recycles Sari silk, over-dyed and translucent layers of patterns emerging.  Water-like and mesmerizing.  To learn more check out ABC Home's  Aquasilk Film .  Rugs and fabrics above available at www.lucyandcompany.com

Familiar with Artist, Mark Rothko?  His later pieces in his words . . . to make the viewer feel "enveloped within" ... to paint a small picture is to place yourself outside your experience . . . however to paint the larger picture, you are in it."

Similar to the above piece of art, but the real deal . . . maybe you know an artist who can give you the look (I do!).
Mark Rothko not available at lucy and company (really . .  why !)

So add a little Emerald Green it's a great overall or mix in color. . . it's got me re-thinking my office a bit . . hum

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