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Yesterday was a rainy, foggy, cold day.  The only thing brightening what's been a week of constant dreary was installing the "fun" at the Todd's.   This space brightened up the mood with it's  splashes of color and light.  Enter Stephanie and Anderson Todd's family room.  This couple moved into a new home with a blank slate. When we met my first question was "warm tones, or cool tones," which are you drawn to?  Stephanie said "purple."  I love purple, all shades.  The great thing about the color purple is it works with both warm and cool, depending on what it's mixed with.  We decided to mess with the typical all cool / all warm formula and combine the two.

With a  new, neutral sectional - recently purchased, take a look at where I took it.

Large neutral sectional, clean neutral walls in this "center-of-the-home" room.  I wanted to save the splashy wall color or paper for the foyer leading to or kitchen leading from and use the windows and art as the color factor, and well as a killer rug.

I love the curtain fabric.  Bright, graphic, splashy and fun.  I chose to mix it with the thickest of green shag and silver accents, pulled from the nail heads on the sofa.  A little more graphic, deep plum on the swivel chair . .  take a closer look.

 I love all the textures mixed in.  The perfect piece of pottery, atop a metal tray, on a linen ottoman, on a shag rug.  It's all about the layering.

Their beautiful stacked stone fireplace added the warm detail that turned a simple interior room into something special.

My favorite picture !  I love the simplicity and I love their wedding photos we added...

photos by Mekenzie France

So warm tones or cool, there are no rules.  Take a look at where I started in my thought process and how you can too... but when mixing the two you can find a look you weren't even pondering.

Now this rain needs to take a hike!

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