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Happy rainy Sunday .. .

On a day like today, rainy and cold, it's nice to chill at home with my girls and rest up.  It's been a wild the two weeks.  With BH&G in the house for 2 days - and 3 installs following the day after filling the week, I've been running quite a bit.  I love the all the craziness of it all but when I sit for a few and look back I realize just how amazing it all was.  I think I am just so grateful for the recognition.  Everyone who knows me knows "this is my life" and I wouldn't be happy doing anything else.   It was thrilling getting noticed by the likes of this national publication and to see the ins and outs and behind the scenes of a big photo shoot was eye-opening.   Seeing them shoot in a dark room was the most amazing . . . it's a lot of work in those glossy magazine we all love !  I can't wait to see the outcome in their spring issue.

Mekenzie came over to watch the craziness and while these rooms were looking so put together, she took a few from me . . take a look at a few of the details.

all photos by Mekenzie France

Happy Sunday !

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