Install of the Day !

Happy Monday. . .

Have a few installs this week to share, each one so different.  Two living / breakfast rooms and one teenage girl's room.  I just hope the rest of the week goes as smoothly as today has.  It was a good day for a Monday!

I just installed Bonnie and Greg Batalia's space.  Bonnie discovered me on Houzz.com.  Not even knowing I was just down the road.  I was thrilled to jump in and help with their home on the lake near Charlotte.  They have such a beautiful house and piece of property overlooking the lake and my goal was to bring the outdoors in, not obstruct the view, and use some existing pieces and colors she favored.  They needed help pulling it all together and I was game.

Take a look at the before . . . Beautiful room with nice substantial molding and good wall color   It was a first not to paint!  I wanted to get both this room and the large kitchen completed for them so they could check it off their list, then start working through the house.  I noticed these pair of chairs at our first visit and liked them a lot.  I used those as my inspiration.  We took everything else out and recovered a piece or two.  The main problem to me was the area flanking the fireplace and lack of window interest.

We met, and I showed them this design board incorporation two new, large, mirrored storage cabinets for either side of the fireplace.  I chose this option as oppose to built ins.  The mirror reflected the great views and also made the room even larger.  

We incorporated the two chairs she had, but moved them to a new place. . .

This one fabric was a must for me.  I loved it.  New and sold To the Trade from Harlequin, it is dreamy!    The artistic, hand painted feel is just amazing.  Available it www.lucyandcompany.com in several color combinations.

So with the design board and this fabric ... take a look at where I took the room . . .

The window treatments were made larger to push off the windows and a new flat screen will shortly replace this piece of art.  What I love is from the kitchen island your view of both the family room and lake to the right are in clear site.

This fabric and pillow was where it all started. 

Adding a new, smaller mirror over the fireplace...love the detail.

Simple accessories I found in their pantry !

And turning around, the kitchen window now houses my favorite fabric in cornices and "faux" blinds.  I raised the height up, not to obstruct the view but added a much needed splash of color.

Shifting a few accessories gave the place a new feel.

And last, but not least, a few simple additions to the foyer (console, lamps and bowl) create in inviting entry and sets the tone.

With the help of a great team, we pulled all this off yesterday ready and waiting for Bonnie's return.  It was a good day !

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  1. It is always great to see a room which incorporates a client's existing pieces. This room has your happy, bright signature style, the client was right to choose you to create a unique look in her home, LOVE it!
    Cathy @ Room Rx