Bring on the Mint . . . It's Sweeeet.

Hi All . . .

Mint Green.  I have always loved this color, but for a while now I have been drawn to it so much more.  I predict it will be next year's Pantone Color of the year... well probably not.. but it's coming.  I have started mixing it in here and there, in my office, on a job or two.  Who's ready for a room full?  Take a look at just how yummy it can be, and with Spring so close it's pulling me out of the winter blues!  

Fresh, light, striking and can be mixed with a lot of unexpected color combinations.  Take another look at Mint in fabrics, fashions, paint and wall papers!  And give us a call if you see something you can't live without . . .

 photography by Brie Williams

I think my Easter Table with be Mint filled !

later. . .

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