Install of the Day !

Hi There !

I cannot tell you how excited I have been for the past month or two waiting for this week's install.  Susan Brown.... love her... contacted me to help with her home sweet home.  A woman of style, (and a closet to die for) I enjoyed every minute of working together and simply texting, talking and spending time together.  She needed a quiet, style-filled retreat.  A place of refuge from the day-to-day hustle of a busy, busy career filled life.  Now - her home was beautiful to begin with.  From the minute we met, I knew she had great taste.  Her main living space, in my view, was just a bit dark, and needed to lighten up.  It needed a little elegance, mixed with warmth, mixed with unique, mixed with casual and a touch of shimmer.  We both wanted cozy and warm, but lighter.

The very first thing I wanted to do was change the wall color.  This townhouse, with ample space and a great layout, lacked side windows.  Sometimes a darker wall color will add that feeling of warmth, but in this case, it just felt closed in to me.  The second thing I wanted was subtle pattern and tall accessories to bring down a vaulted wall.

I chose a paper as oppose to just paint.  This wall paper took . . . a bit of convincing !!!  Ok, a lot of convincing, not because it was so "out there" but because we needed so much of it.   She brought her friend, and day-to-day style man himself,  Jullian to our meeting, and I think between the two of us . . . she caved, and I am so, so glad.  I LOVE what this paper has done for the room.

Always with a design board for a visual, I started choosing the details to bring this paper to life and to make this room something special for Susan.

 The reflective properties of this paper and texture helped the large vaulted walls and the lighter color seemed to double the room's size.  I wanted a comfortable, large, deep sofa with flanking side tables and lamps.  One of my favorite elements were the tall art piece I used over the matching tables.  From one of my favorite vendors -  Trove.   I had them printed on canvas and stretched.  This splash of color brings a neutral room to life !

A chaise to curl up in - yeah.  Right in the window and perfect for conversation, reading or a nice, quite nap !

Rounding to the other side, a little yellow, Phillip Jeffries grass cloth lining the bookcase for texture and color balance,  Susan's existing tall mirror for visual depth and . . . yep didn't make it by the install... a custom mid-century chair.. on it's way, but the blue chair she had works for now.  Exit the ceiling fan, and enter one nice, big gorgeous chandelier.

Stopping by Slate Interiors on the way with a few accessories, we wrapped it up today and I couldn't wait to have Mekenzie shoot it . . .

Take a look at the finished product !

all photos by Mekenzie France

One of my favorites and thanks again to Susan for being so game ! Enjoy -  and I know those pups will be curling up on that chaise with you !


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