Install of the Day !

Hey There . . .

. . . and a "Good Friday" it was . . . I got my client off the floor (meaning her sofa was finished today and we ran up to High Point and snagged it!)  Now, not too long ago I got a phone call from  Kory Isenberg.  A woman moving from St. Louis to Charlotte.  When she told me her new place was downtown in The Vue, I was most excited.  I have done several long distance jobs as of late, but this one was coming to me, and in a venue different from what I usually do.  We just needed to figure it out over the phone!   I loved talking with Kory . .  we sent pictures back and forth and talked about what she needed, the style she liked and how she lives.  I took all that and ran with it and thank you for that Kory!

It all started with a conversation, mainly about color.  Kory has a piece of art she wanted to work around (see it down there in the design board).  She loved the deep reds and teals . . and so do I.  She also had a few pieces of furniture that had a mid-century vibe -  went with that.  Our main focus was the living space and she was game for new things for a new life in Charlotte !

Take a look at my thoughts . . .

And here's what we pulled off today !

Prior to the move, I had my painters paint over the high tan walls with a cool, bright grey.  We also brought in a light teal in both bathrooms . .

I'm glad we both aren't afraid of color!

The art that inspired it all . . .

Both the new sofa and chairs have the lines of mid century which complemented her existing coffee table perfectly.
Today, after we got the sofa and chairs in, we did a fast accessory shopping trip and scooped up a desk, more art, some pillows and this great vase . . love the bead work.

The long kitchen area needed an island but also a table.  This piece with it's wood top on wheels, serves as both.. perfect.  A bit of wall paper lines the wall in the entry to add a bit more color to the front of these digs.

Great color combination !

Great pieces !

A new pillow or two topped it all off.

Great install - great working with Kory, and I know she was surprised when she came home - and most excited about having somewhere to sit !!!

Looking forward to moving into the Master.. up those circular stairs - stay tuned.. just a few weeks out.


  1. Those chairs look sooo comfy - like they would spoon you. I love what you do with art and how you complete a big wall.

  2. Thanks Crystal !! Those chairs are ... and I love the look from the side / legs... I am a wall-grouping nut... thanks for the kind words !!
    - beth