Install of the Day !

Howdy. .

It's the end of a busy, busy week - with all this designing going on I think I need to take a day to do something completely unrelated . . . hum, my fingers just sat on the keyboard . . not sure what that is?  With the kids and hubby coming back Sunday, I am down to my last 2 nights off.  But before that happens . . . a final post to finish off the week . . . a quick install for Joan Musser and her daughter, Catherine.

Teenage girls . . .Justin Bieber, a million pictures, lap tops, phones, shoes, and all those clothes . . . What to do?  It's all about containing, all about simple, clean, functional pieces.  I was game to create a space for Catherine using her favorite color ... bright orange !

Take a look at where we started . . 

Yes, bright orange was her color of choice.  I decided to mix it with a graphic grey and white with a splash of teal. 

We wanted to create a "lounge" feel.  Using the bed sideways with an upholstered headboard created a large sofa.  Adding in that awesome tufted chair Catherine saw in a recent install and a great dresser covered in nail heads.  I found my accessories the other day and framed a piece of her art and family pics that I loved . . 

Paper went up yesterday, and all the good arrived today . . .

Gotta say . . love it !

Fun day !  Enjoy Catherine, it was a pleasure and thanks Stephanie Owen for the great referral !


  1. David Cassidy??? Too funny. In my day it was Davey Jones.
    The room is beautiful. Nice job!

  2. you bet ya !! I was in the fan club !!