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Wrapping the week up - the last of 3 installs . . . back at Shari Grams !  We had a guest room to take care of just prior to the Wachovia Tournament . . . brings back memories of my dining room install last year that wrapped up I think the day before the tournament !  Shari and I are working our way through the house and I have to say, Shari is getting into design and I am pretty impressed.  She has become a Houzz and Pinterest junkie and we managed to figure out her powder room, guest and bathroom renovation (as well as upcoming family room and lake house) in record time.  I have gotten to know her and the house and we've been moving throughout to update colors and furnishings for a more updated look with color cohesion !  This small project was all about her guest room.

I took the colors I used in the dining room (and her existing living space) and filtered them back into the guest room.  It's all about the robin's egg blue, latte and a touch of gold.  Shari did a complete remodel of the guest bath using inspiration from her Houzz files and I jumped in to help with the adjoining bedroom.  She needs a new bed, sides, lamps, windows, rug - well basically a complete update.  Take a look at the direction I suggested.

The early stages of the design in my head included a large floor screen behind a headboard . . an idea I'll save for another project . .  but I changed my mind and suggested a larger headboard going as high as I could go proportionately in a much more modern, staggered look.  Shari's home has a traditional feel in general, but we have started introducing a few more transitional pieces and it's coming together beautifully.

Take a look at her new guest land-o-slumber !

We have such a nice new tie back to the formal dining room from last year.  Our colors are now jiving and both rooms have a traditional feel, with a few new more modern touches !

We also tackled the Powder Room, right off the main hallway .  . . stay tuned (when I get the mirror installed . .  just like last year, at the 12th hour) I'll give you a full look.   I recently I posted images of Phillip Jeffries new paper introductions . . and this is the space I got to use it !!!  It's amazing.

Happy Weekend . . .  Happy, I don't have to be anywhere, Saturday.  Forgive me if I turn my phone off til Monday!

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