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Quite the busy week !  With 2 days in High Point and 3 installs when I got home, I am looking forward to this weekend !  But there's nothing I love more than a smooth install, and with Bree and Betsy helping, we managed to pull it off.  

Been looking forward to this one for a couple of reasons... love my client Holly Liakakos, I think we go back 8 years (mother of 3 girls, 2 of which are twins).  I knew this project would be a fun one, girl's rooms always are.  Bright colors aren't a problem !   Now, these twin girls were more than ready to get out of their cribs and move into their big girl room.  Let me show you were we started !

Luckily this room is big enough for 2 full size beds, and 4 poster at that !  The most obvious place - either side of the bigger window - a focal point when you walk in the room.

We both loved this paper, and decided to use it on the two side walls with the drapes to match.  We added a large rug to break up the large carpet and add color to the floor (my 5th wall)  I re purposed a chandelier to add a pop of green,  I used swing arms as oppose to a lamp and found this great vintage dresser, last minute, thanks Slate.

Take a look at the finished product !

photos by mekenzie france

It's come a long way.  Take a look at the before . . . We adjusted a few things along the way, but I love the final product.  Now Holly will have to get use to those twins not being confined in those cribs . .  they may be running loose in a room that big !

Two more to show you . . . like I said, busy week . . . stay tuned

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