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It seems a lot of my clients are in the mood for a little face lift, a color change, a new look.  A cleaner, crisper, less-fussy look. Beth Hecimovich is one of them.  Having helped with the rooms of all 4 kids, their playroom, and their amazing outdoor space, it was time to face lift the family room and kitchen to have the same feel as the spaces we had already done.  She wanted the colors lighter, monochromatic with a little dab of color.  A rustic, comfortable, chic look.  I think I converted her to pale grey when we made over the playroom, so this was our color direction (I played off the rock fireplace!)  She was now ready to face lift this centrally located, somewhat dark, space to have a similar feel to her new outdoor space and the new design style she was embracing.   

Take a look at the before shot.

She wanted to neutralize the entire room then add just pops of color.  In this space, that's just want we did.  Shades of grey were used in all the furniture,  as well as the new wall and ceiling color.  To give her a visual I created a simple board and plugged in all my thoughts.  Having worked together on 6 successful projects, I had earned her trust and was thrilled be able to choose and surprise !  Take a look at my starting point . . .

Beth loves the art of Sugarboo Designs, a vendor of mine.  The room has two pieces we chose to reflect her style (and love of dogs !)  I rarely design a room around art (I take that back, Rebecca Brook's home was completely designed around her art - she does own a gallery and is a huge collector), but in this case I found the art first, then worked in the colors and furniture !  Art can be very personal.  I often give my clients a direction of art I would use, but it's ultimately up to them and should speak to you!  I knew she loved the look of all their pieces and I wanted the room to take it's feel from the art. 

Take a look at the finished product.

We took out one of the three sofas and replaced it with two new, large, swivel chairs. It opened the traffic pattern a bit and I am sure this family of 6 will be staking claim to "their chair."  We then re upholstered the sofas and remade the seat and back cushions, as well as removed the skirts.  If your legs are good - it will give you a whole new look to expose them!  There's nothing I hate more than back cushions that don't have structure.  Great job by my upholster Darren Ingle !

Our pops of color came in the art, one large table top bowl, and the pillows.  

A large, wood plank and metal bases coffee table, sits on a gorgeous, Jenny Jones 9 x 13 rug.

This rug is one of my favorite elements in the room.  Designed by Jenny Jones, her Global Series interprets the classic motifs into hand-knotted wool and eco-friendly bamboo silk.  Contemporary yet classic with a range of styles and diverse palettes and colors from subtle neutrals to vibrant blue-greens and hot pinks and oranges.  Take a look up close at these lustrous and timeless patterns, all hand-carved and hand spun in wool and silk.

Jenny stated her collection in 1995 focusing on Turkish rugs (having lived abroad with her husband Dennis and falling in love with hand knotted rugs).  Custom size, pattern and colors is available.  A rug is the foundation of a room and defines the space and design in most cases.  All available at www.lucyandcompany.com

Take a look a few more of her gorgeous designs !

photos compliments of Jenny Jones' site

As I mentioned above, Sugarboo designs was another key element in the room.  Take a look at a few other favorites of mine.  Their collection includes art, pillows, and paper . . . all with a timeless folk art appeal.

Rebecca Puig of Sugarboo Designs holds a Studio Art degree from the University of Georgia and after graduating in 1996 worked in a folk art gallery while developing her designs in ceramics and painting.  She developed her signature style over the years and in 2002 launched her company Sugarboo (the name a combination of the two nicknames of her two loves Jake and Sofie).  She, and her husband Rick had a mission to create art to remind us all of the love for family and friends.  Their use of everyday materials is what appeals to me as well !  These sentimental, yet simple designs have such a broad appeal and work in numerous applications.  I have incorporated their art in both kid's spaces and adult living spaces.  When they are not at market or shooting for various publications including Home & Garden's you can find them at Sugarboo Farms!

photos compliments of Sugarboo's site

It was a fun project, working with Beth and Paul again, my thanks for the creative license and room to play with ideas !!  What's next . . ? !

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