It's Sunday, It's Sunny, and Mad Men is Back !!

Finally !

The grey clouds are gone, the temp is up, it's a relaxed Sunday, and Mad Men is only a few short hours away.  I'm a fan.  It sucked me in 5 Season's ago and as we enter Season 6, it's the late 60's.  The stories are juicy but the decor, the clothes, the music, the big hair are just a yum !  Love the mid-century style and I spend as much time listening to the story line as I do spying a lamp here, a sofa there - generally found and original, but sometimes offered by vendors of mine !!!

So in celebrating it's return, I dedicate this post to Tammy and Mark Herman (Elizabeth residents and Mr. Charlotte Urban HOME) Lovers of the show, and mid-century enthusiasts.  We are in the process of face-lifting their family room.  Tammy and I met yesterday and while I have amped up their design board a bit - we fine tuned the sectional, colors, rug, and lighting.  She's a lover of hot pink, and we are determined to filter it in a bit (maybe Mark won't notice).  So take a look at our family room with a Mad Men vibe !

So of course, to take it a bit further, thought I'd give Mark an office fitting for a Magazine Man . . .

So, if you are loving the look - go on the hunt for the goods.  If you are local, you won't leave empty handed at Mid-Century Salvage.  Follow them on Facebook and you will be in the loop for their latest finds . .

Happy Sunday and stay tuned for a new family room for Mark and Tammy as well as
the best show ever - tonight at 9:00!!

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  1. When I'm watching MM with my husband, I'm always pausing it to point out a decor item. It drives him nuts! Love that show & the family room you designed.
    Also, stores like West Elm & Crate & Barrel, are carrying MidCentury-like furniture. So you don't have to buy it second-hand & reeking of cigarette smoke.