My Equestrian Day-Dream . .

Hey . . 

I live next door to a real Equestrian, he doesn't just ride as a hobby, it's full time.  He rides, trains, births, teaches, shows and manages the barn.  All things horse.  He also travels to Florida each year for a few months, family in toe, to do the same with a really pretty backdrop!!.   Mekenzie just got back from a visit and I love the images she captured of the barn and all those beautiful horses.  How majestic it all looks and feels.  I don't, for a minute, claim to know much about horse life, but have always loved what I think it would be like to have that connection.   While getting that teary, heart tugging feeling during Seabiscuit, The Horse Whisperer, Dreamer, War Horse, Secretariat,  Black Beauty, and every Budweiser Clydesdale commercial that comes on, I like to believe the relationship between man and horse is something special and really is .... just like the movies.

While day-dreaming of my amazing county cottage, with horse barn, just outside of town, my fantasy of living with horses also conjures up a "look," a style, and an attitude - you know what I mean .. being tall enough to pull off tight riding pants and knee-high boots on a daily basis.  The lifestyle in my horse-fantasy life seems very Ralph Lauren with a dose of Hermes and a lot of polo matches.  This is my English horse-fantasy daydream, the western - cowboy thing - I'll save for another day.

From my stash of inspiration pictures - some that go so far back I can't recall the source (sorry),  I have created some mood evoking boards to visually express my horse fantasy look . . . it was fun.  Take a look and my idea of the perfect horse inspired life.

Happy day-dreaming !

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