Pulling Together a First Floor . .

Hey There . . .

It's pretty great when I have multiple rooms to work on all in the same house.  A blank slate, with nothing to work around .. a dream.  It's an opportunity to really be creative and see a full vision come to life.  It's also pretty great to be working on two of those projects at once, with two completely different clients with different personalities and lifestyles. 

Two different clients, two different style houses.  One lake house, one city house.  I have been held up in the office planing, pulling and creating design board MADNESS.  That was my Spring Break.. lucky for me I love doing this.  

If you are working on a big project, remodeling, ready for a new look, moving . . .   I have some advise on how to get it started.  Hire a pro and don't worry about it !  Ok... if you want to tackle it . . .  It's all begins with 1.  deciding what your style is and 2. pull fabrics and rugs first.  Everything will feed off that.  Save the paint for last !!

Take a look at two different first floors, with two different looks.  Both wanting a punch color of Blue !

Project No. 1

This home is on the lake with a huge open floor plan and a great view.  The key here is continuity, melding one room into the next.  Bright and airy was the name of my game on this project.  Take a look at room into room . . .

Project No. 2

Now the second project is a city house, again a blank slate.  I noticed a black and tan runner up the stairs right at the front door.  With that staying, my entire thought process included those colors with the addition of creams and the request of blue . . .

Yep, my eyes may be a little buggy but have to say, the creative juices were definitely in overdrive !

Cannot wait to meet the painters on these two projects and get them rolling . . .

Stay tuned.

In the meantime - quick install today.  I fun, bright, 16 year old lounge.  I'm installing and shooting today . .  while my photographer, Miss Mekenzie is busy having a big 'ole time in West Palm Beach - so I hope my pics are decent !!

Happy Friday . . .

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