It's Like Forgetting to Wear Earrings !

Hey . . .

You know what I mean. . . it's the finishing touch that completes your face, and when you walk outside and realize you have forgotten them, it bugs you all day.   Not including the finishing touches in a room makes me feel the same way - a little unsettled.  When I paint or paper a room I get this immediate rush and instant gratification, but when I place that perfect lamp, art piece or simply a vase of the most beautiful bouquet of peonies . .  I exhale a deep breath and have a seat.

It's all about the details . . . The accessories, the jewelry.  I recently installed a dining room in crown to base navy lacquer.  What made the space perfect in my opinion was the trim - blending in with the walls.  I also took notice of the glaring white switch plates and receptacles and switched them out to black to disappear.  I also went to the Kips Bay Designer House recently and noticed the same thing was happening with trim.. all painted, to either blend or contrast... but color is the thing.... 

I am using this image from a September Issue of Elle Decor to give you another visual when it comes to the detail of painted trim.  I look at this space and think it's perfect - accessories, great color combination, perfect mix of old and new, warm and inviting.   I think the one thing that is often neglected or simply overlooked is the trim.  Can you visualize this room with white trim . .  not as good, right.  

The trick to this is simply pulling the field color of the wall paper (in this case) onto the ceiling and window casings in a gloss or semigloss.  Simple.  Take a look.

Designed by Benjamin Dhong and photographed for Elle Decor, September Issue

Stay tuned for images of this years Kips Bay Designer House to follow this and take another look at what painted trim does for a room !

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