"May" nia Saturday . . . The Home Tour

Hey !

Last weekend was packed full as was the week but didn't want anymore time to go by without posting a bit about Midwood Maynia, a weekend in my neighborhood devoted to welcoming Spring.  The Home Tour is the kick off along with a 5 K run, pet parade and activities in the park.  We were on the tour, so getting the house ready was an all day event on Friday, but we made it.  Clean and filled with flowers - it looked great, I especially love how the porch turned out.  Thanks to those clients and friends who came by !

But wanted to show off a few of the other homes on the tour and things, big and small, that caught my attention.  Renee, the tour coordinator did a great job this year on finding some gems !

Gary Mathis and Mark Wells have a beautiful bungalow on The Plaza.   Built in the late 20's their vision of what it could become is now realized.  Gone is the red shag carpet, paneled walls and powder blue trim.  Take a look at this charming bungalow!

Mark and Gary spent 15 months renovating.  They removed plaster walls, uncovered doors that had been walled shut restoring as much of the original floor plan as they could.  They created a new master suite, kitchen and screen porch.  Take a look at the design details !

Love the dining "bench" and flanking sconces.  All the colors through out were a soothing taupe and cream.  It was crisp, designed and comfortable, with plenty of charm in it's eclectic furniture and accessories.

I also love that they kept the original barn like garage (I'm sure it might go eventually, but I love it's rustic charm - keep it !!)

Mekenzie and I wondered down the street to 3021 Belvedere Avenue to the back garden of Hugh Wrigley and Diana Crawford.  It was a stunner from the minute we walked up the driveway.  The home was built in 1951 to be the residence of homebuilding entrepreneur John Crosland, Sr.  This house represents one of the finest post-war dwellings in this Country Club neighborhood and one of the few houses in the area to retain its original acreage.  It's on that back acreage you see their beautiful back garden.

Just around the corner is the home of Hatcher and Linda Kincheloe.  Now I found out a bunch of interesting things from Linda who happened to be home when we got there.   Right off the bat, I loved the art outside on the front porch.

Here's Linda.  She gave us a tour.  He living room was first and I was so impressed at it's story.  She furnished the entire room with goods found (and refurbished by Linda) from the Salvation Army - not kidding !

She came across this huge Stark rug and this silver chest . . no joke.

Accessories, art, furniture, sofas, pillows, rugs.. she really has an eye and turned it into a beauty !

Here's another great story... being that last Saturday was Derby Day, seems she has Derby History in the family !

The art was my favorite element in her home.  Beautiful, funny, clever.  This series of 3 cracked me up!
Loved the vintage, loved the modern!

Linda has great taste.  By the way she also has a space at Slate Interiors . . . go check out her goods !

And last but not least, the home of Stan and Katrina Teague.  I saw a he / she in this house... meaning there were elements ALL girl and elements ALL guy ! This American Cottage / Craftsman revival.. brand new and ready to move in.  The fell in love with the charm and detail and not having to do anything in the way of renovation, as many of us do when moving to this neighborhood, they just moved right in.

photos by beth keim and mekenzie france

It was a fun and crazy day all in one... Found lots of ideas.  Home Tours ... good thing.


  1. Wow! All the houses are beautiful. I"m especially impressed with Linda's Salvation Army finds!

  2. What is the height of the dining bench