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 Hi All.

Worked with Mark and Jennifer Greer on their new home this past week.  Gotta tell ya.... they were trusting, game, and fun to work with and this project went off without a hitch - all Mark, who was on it!

They came to me shortly after purchasing a new place in Eastover that frankly . . .  needed some work, but had great bones.  Meeting #1 - what was my starting point? I went to their existing home and did a walk through.  They wanted to use two graphic, orange chairs and curtains they recently had made . . . thus began my color palette for their new family room and kitchen.   Yep, that was it. . .  but it definitely suggested warm colors . . no blue this time.  All you need is one good inspiration.

So in this project, I took these two fabrics to start pulling my ideas.  The orange chairs would move from their current living room to family room and the multi color curtains would stay in the living room, but the colors would bleed back into the family room.  We had a blank slate for the back of this new house.

Meeting #2, we all meet at the new place.  Mark & Jen, contractor Ward Krull of Crosscut Construction, and cabinet maker, Tom Brown of Tega Cay Cabinet Company to see what we were dealing with.  Take a look . . .

The family room, kitchen, and small office were my main focus.  A few, not obstacles, but things that effected the design and the colors I chose - small kitchen, long family room, and floor to ceiling wood paneling.  In the family room rather than the tearing all the paneling out, we chose to paint in a cream and embrace the "modern, eclectic, cottage" look, as I am choosing to call it.

So here's what I suggested . . .

I wanted a more eclectic, modern mix.  The paneled walls stayed, so painting a light cream would give it a cottage feel and let the colors pop in furnishings and art.

We installed yesterday and have to say, what a transformation !  Clean, bright, pulled together.  I love that we had the flanking, dated shelving next to the fireplace removed.  These two new cabinets give them storage behind modern, mirrored door, and a great spot for lighting and art for color.

A new sectional divides the room creating two areas, sitting with dining behind it.  When we decided to do a long island in the kitchen, I wanted this family to have a large, breakfast table as well - somewhere, so we widened the opening between the rooms, added a step and moved the breakfast area right in the family room.

Having the family room and kitchen relate to each other was important.  The colors blend and with this new open floor plan you eye continues from "zone" to "zone" without creating visual chaos.  It's soothing and spacious now.

A few details I wanted to include . .  with cream walls, I added color in the way of art and a cornice at eye level.    We made the bamboo blinds and cornice larger to cover all the windows as a whole, as oppose to individual ones, just a cleaner look.  Tall lamps raise the lighting upward and repeating the graphics patterns give it a less traditional look, more modern.

There is texture everywhere, in the rugs, table tops (a combination of metal, distressed wood and mirror and new art.

Now the kitchen needed a major face lift . . cabinets, appliances, lighting, counter, back splash, lighting, and new color.  I am thrilled with our big island !  It opened up the traffic pattern instantly.  The dark brown walls offset the cream cabinets.  We added wainscoting midway down to punch the brown even more and add detail to a plain wall.  Mekenzie had a quick photo shoot with the kids and we framed those pieces in large white frames for more pop.

The small, small office just off the family room was, at first, a hard sell.  Luckily Mark and I had a great rapport going on and I asked him to just trust me.  I basically told him it would be a surprise.  I think Jen was just game for something pretty!  

With all the cream in the nearby room, I wanted this space to really have it's own identity.  I chose the bottle green from a fabric I used in the nearby room.  Floor too ceiling, including the windows I went.  (I think Mark was sweating a bit).  I used cream curtains and made larger then the windows, two large art pieces that Keith pulled off for me over Memorial Day weekend while we hung on our deck, and a soft, cream graphic rug.  The light was similar in its finish to the next room and the furniture was classic.

I styled up the bookcase, moving shelves around to house larger items and art.

And were were able to incorporate Jen's art (on the left).  I love her piece, the colors are perfect.  They already had this desk which they loved, but I mixed in a smaller, contrasting chair color and another big pop of art.

It was such a fun project and they were a delight to work with.  Now they have a great start to a new home in a new neighborhood.  Congrats

I love so much, it's one for the book !

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  1. Stumbled upon your blog when I was searching for inspiration for our living room and WOW! I love this room!! Amazing work. It has a soothing color scheme even with the bold pops of color. Love the furniture arrangement in regards to the fireplace, and especially love all of the texture! The room I am working on has a similar layout with the fireplace- can you share the dimensions of this room and sectional? Thanks!!