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Not all jobs are huge, entire rooms.  I am often called to help "complete" spaces.  I am lucky when my clients have beautiful things to work with, like the Adams.  We did a little bit in here, a little bit in there, a lot in over there.  All these things to help Holly & Bryan Adams tweak their Elizabeth bungalow.  I liked these two right off the bat, I think it was their love of art, old houses and old neighborhoods.  They also like their "stuff" and Brian is an admitted chair hoarder ... finds them, likes them, buys them.  I was delighted to help them finish off a few rooms.

Take a look at all the new tweaks we had in mind  . . . 

Their home, not far from mine is full of bungalow charm.  Elizabeth is a neighborhood of larger lots, bigger trees and deep back yards, often with alleys.  Theirs is inviting from the minute you pull up.

All of the tweaks I made stemmed from their existing living room, which I loved.  My only advise was a larger, more interesting entry table.  Take a look at these two beautiful rooms filled with art and interesting finds.  I had a lot of great pieces to work with so this job was easy !

The dining room was where I started.  It was screaming for a little pattern.  After trying about 6 samples we all agreed this was the one . . . a little sparkle, a little graphic.  I also really thought the windows needed a simple linen panels with new hardware.  Rather than using all the existing dining chairs, we moved the zebra bench from the living room to it's new home in the dining room and recovered the seat cushions of the existing chairs.

I chose a brown "cork" pattern pleather for the chair seats, rather than using a contrasting fabric to the wood. It made the chairs look and feel more substantial and didn't fight the rug or new wall paper.

The family room was my main focus.  On the back of the house and the most used.  It needed a new color, new sofa and occasional chair, storage, lighting and basic re-arranging.

They have a piano to deal with.  My first option was to keep it where it was and add balance to the opposite side in the way of a storage piece with art and a big lamp.  Option No. 2 was custom built ins. . .  moving the piano.

Holly pulled the trigger and built ins it was  . . .  I love the pop of coral on the back walls with a neutral grey front color.  We also painted the room including the crown and base as not to break it wall up with white trim (here I go again with my painted trim).  Love the contrast and we pulled the coral back in the front of the house.  This color all originated from two amazing chairs in the living room.  We added a new sofa, great vintage chair find, lighting, pillows and replacing of art.  Take a look.

The window bench now has a long cushion in the same fabric as the sofa and adds plenty of new seating.

A little new bookcase styling and a new vintage pillow to relate to the great rugs she already had.

We moved onto the nearby Powder Room.  This room is a place you can have fun with, make a statement in.  They loved the dog paper - so why not!

We also painting all the woodwork black and they found this beautiful new pendant drop light.

Old homes are my favorite, so full of character.  Older neighborhoods have the beauty of established tress and greenery.  They have the added plus of a back yard alley.  So pretty back there.

all photos by mekenzie france

Was a pleasure Holly and Bryan love your eclectic space !

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