Super Modern with a Rustic Edge . . .

Hi There . . .

I love when I have a new project.  Always look forward to doing something interesting.  This project has several requests.  1. Super modern, yet rustic chic . . . great combination right !  Also certain colors were requested - Charcoal, terracotta, blue and green . . . and one more request - white leather . . . hum.  I was up for thinking of an artistic, modern look, with warm earth tones, a punch of teal, a splash of "Aspen Lodge" and . . . white leather . .  all in an entry living space.  It needs to be a show stopper.  The room is full of windows on two sides and it sets the tone for the entire house!

Oh - and I have a rock fireplace to incorporate as well.  The look I am heading for is clean, crisp, modern, somewhat sparse with interesting elements, textures and shapes - mainly shapes.

I have these amazing chairs.  I saw them at market a while back, ordered one for the shop and could not want to use them on a job.  Wood back, white leather front - great shape.   This space is visible from the front entry and is "sunken" with a ton of windows.  Floating my chairs in the room with these amazing backs should be perfect !   I also have a very tall wall.  To big to be left alone.  I plan on bringing in a huge mirror grouping.

The request for green, blue and terracotta will be incorporated in just the art and pillows!

  I am adding a new paper to the left of the fireplace.  It's amazing . . . can't wait.

The front entry door is very modern and wood.  I plan on adding all the family photos to the right of it with a curved, teal velvet bench and hand cut wood pendants shooting down the hall !

Should be good . . . . stay tuned.  But this week it's all about installing a handful of projects - my mind is spinning a bit, all so so different.  

Happy Sunday.

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