Install of the Day!

Hi All . . .

Pretty install yesterday.  Keri Cheifetz and her daughter Taylor came to see me in the midst of building their new home.  Taylor's room was in need of a new look and we needed to have a starting point.  I was excited when she chose one of my favorite fabrics to get the ball rolling.   This floral print is so full of color and gives you endless direction when it comes to wall color and accessories to bring in.  

By one of my favorite vendors, Osborne and Little, I have used it just once and the color palate went in another direction, this time we are using a turquoise wall color pulled from the gorgeous hand painted look of these big blossoms.  Never wanting to duplicate a "look," it's always a challenge when a new client come to me saying "I want this room."  I love to find a new way to use fan favorites !

Take a look at the plan I chose for Taylor . . .

Room designs for girls are so fun to work on.  I love being able to add layer upon layer of strong pieces and colors.  I chose to use the same side lamps from a favorite vendor Stray Dog on mis-matched side tables.  One offers drawer storage, the other round, but both are a sharp contrast the black bed.  This four-post black bed, is another favorite and just is so perfect with the fabric, had to use it.

Take a look at the finished product.

The gloss white finish is fresh and strong, mixing gold an silver gives an eclectic look and doesn't scream Match !!!

We did use matching styles for the side table and desk, yet in different colors.

It's all in the details.  

This fabric was the key to the design.  It is bright, saturated with color, and sophisticated in its design. The flowers have the look of hand painted.  The colors gave me so many directions to go in.  

Having used it once before in the form of a soft roman, with white walls, black accents and the infusion of hot pink.  This time I chose to bring in the blue and use the fabric as panels.

Take a look at a different direction . . .

 photos by mekenzie france

Fun day - Pretty room, Keri sent me a video of Taylor's reaction when she got home . .  success.

From tweener to teenager . . . install no. 2 is underway..

Stay tuned.


  1. I absolutely love how this room came out! Where is the light fixture from? and what is the name of it? also, what is the name on the fabric and where is it from? Great job!

  2. I am loving this room! Where did you find that fabric?! It's adorable.

  3. Yes, where is light fixture from? Would you share company and name of light?

  4. Would love to know where the light fixture is from.