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What to do if you live in China and have a second home in Charlotte to renovate and decorate . .  call in help.  I was thrilled to recently meet with the Yang's at their new home on the lake.   This young couple visit High Point several times a year for Market and need a place in the U.S. to hang their hats.   Fabric manufacturers you see, suppliers to some of the bigger furniture companies.  They needed someone to pull it together and handle all the renovations and interior design while they were out of the country.

My first trip, High Point to see their fabric lines at the U.S. showroom ... I fell in love with several, scooped up samples then pulled all my ideas together over the past day or two.   The game plan, a cohesive look for the first floor.

Wondering how long distance works . . . with design boards via email . . . and trust.  Technology - what did we ever do before this !

For this job, it all starts with the fabrics, and in this case - their own fabrics.  How great is it to just have my client whip them up for me and mail them out !  I pulled some greys, and loved the pop of yellows. I mixed those fabrics with a wall paper or two and a great, graphic carpet from Stark.

The living space has a 19 or so foot fireplace wall.  It was screaming for a little style, so I chose Borneo Blue and grey in 12 x 35" pieces.  Which such tall walls, a little drama will bring it down, a little pattern with warm it up.

Two large chairs in their yellow and grey stripe atop one of my favorite David Hicks carpets by Stark.  Pattern on pattern in this large space is what it needs.  

A custom 100" tufted sofa with simple console for a clean, streamlined look.

With such a large entry foyer, I want to create a few different focal points, a chair grouping and a tall circle cabinet on the opposing wall.

The kitchen is full of windows in the breakfast area . .  

The formal dining room is large as well, 16 foot square.  This paper pulls all the colors in a fun pattern with a pop of blue.  A large 72" round dining table with 8 chairs, sideboard and a chandelier that is pure art in itself.

We have 3 bedrooms to address for their out of town guests as well as themselves.  I chose to use their fabrics as well on all the windows in all the rooms.  As big as these windows are, I want to keep them open, but with full drapes for privacy (yardage isn't an issue in this case !!).  The fabrics soften all the angles and give pattern in high places.

Take a look at the before shots and some of the trouble zones !!

- High ceiling in the great room with dated fireplace and built ins . . . windows need major help
- Huge foyer lacking personality
- Dated kitchen and breakfast room
- Dated one of many bedrooms . . . this one has a sink in the middle of it .. yikes

Well, it won't be this way for long. Stay tuned, I'll have the keys in 10 days.

Oh Happy 4th . . . was it a holiday today?!

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