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The August issue of Vogue caught my attention with Claire Danes on the cover (she's filming Homeland here in Charlotte and running around my neighborhood).  In the cart it went along with my favorite dinner for my first night - family free (off to NJ for a week).   I have a weekend planned of inspiration seeking, design board immersing (have 4 new clients to dive into), closet cleaning for back to school, and accessory shopping for 2 upcoming installs.  Tonight, chances are,  I will stay up on this same green sofa watching crap TV and surfing.  At this very moment I am flipping through Vogue and am excited to see one of my favorite designers, artists, and textile guru Lulu deKwiatkowski, a.k.a, Lulu DK has a new Online Shop coming soon in September !

She will be offering up selected designs in must-have pillows, art, T's, poufs, ottomans, antique suzanis and beach towels.   I have always loved her look and style.  Her textiles have the beauty of a hand painted look.  The color combinations are stunning and very high end, crisp and inspiration provoking.  I could design an entire room around one of her pillows.

Here's a preview of what's to come !

Huge fan.  I remember spending an entire Saturday reading her blog, checking out all her fabrics and posting my obsession with her style and creative mind . .  last year in April (here).  

I love her eye for multi layering both in her artwork and fabric patterns.  Being such the fan of the collage, it is right up my alley.  I always look forward to seeing any new offerings she brings to the table.

Check her new Online Shop coming soon !

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