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This past weekend I dropped off my 9 year old at camp.    To me (and she, after spending last year), knows it's a little piece of heaven.  There are some things that should never change, and this is one of them.  Now-a-days you can't turn around without trying to catch up on the latest "thing," and this is the one, little bubble of timeless charm, that doesn't change.

Rockbrook is just a few miles off Main Street, Brevard, North Carolina.  Brevard is small town USA.  Quaint and rustic, you immediately find yourself sliding into "mountain time."  That expression has always makes me laugh.  My parents have a place up there and once, while waiting on a contractor, heard a transplanted local refer to the lateness as "being on mountain time."  Everything moves slower, just one of the reasons I love the 3-day camp drop off.   I drive up and from the minute I see the mountain ridge line, I loose cell phone reception, bummer, but not really.

We have started a new tradition of spending a night or two at the Sunset Motel, a quirky, retro, old school model in Brevard.  We dumped our stuff and took a stroll.  Thought I'd share a few Main Street sights . . .

A lot of local artists, galleries, and great restaurants.  If you time it right, chances are you can hit a festival or two.  The 4th of July is big, as is the White Squirrel Festival in May.  Yep, white squirrels, known to love Brevard.  There is, of course, plenty of music and a Box Derby.  Halloween isn't forgotten either.  Being in Transylvania County, it's only natural to celebrate.  Home to the world renowned Brevard Music Center, during the summer, the Center will host over 80 concerts !

Our tradition also include the early drive over to camp.  Kate likes snagging the best bunk in the cabin.  Driving up, I can "smell" camp in all it's dewy, clean glory.  It has been raining a lot, so everything was extra green.  The cabins, covered in their grey, green age and the hillside loaded with welcoming counselors.  

I spotted a little piece of loomed art I so wanted to snag, frame and slam on my wall at home.

If you are even pondering a great summer camp for your daughter, Rockbrook should be high on the list to check out.  It will create all types of memories that will (obviously) stay with you, as it has me !

Check out last year's post for more Rockbrook pictures.

ok . . . back to reality . . 

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