The Layers Project Continues . . .


While spending my day yesterday looking for inspiration for new projects, I remembered a creative team from Brooklyn I met during a recent trip to NYC.

Their papers are exquisite and visually express the primary principle in any design I work on.  They are calling the technique they use for these papers "The Layering Project."  That says it all.  These papers are hand drawn and hand printed, all one of a kind.  This technique combines different pieces from different patterns to create an entirely unique wall covering.  Hand printing allows them to play with interesting inks, colors and pattern arrangement, unlike the digital process.  During the process beautiful textures and patterns appeared.  Custom colors, patterns and scale are all available for something truly unique.

Are they not gorgeous and screaming to be used as a focal wall, foyer ceiling, or powder room! Pure art on a large scale.  Wanted to share . . .

All available at www.lucyandcompany.com - be happy to source for you !

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