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It's Sunday . . . and the count down is on for Back to School.   I have a 4th grader and a new Freshman in High School ! Where did the time go?!  Just a few more days and it's back to a routine.  Constantly feeling you have to entertain the kids slows down - but car pooling begins.  Now mine are past the "bringing snack to school" (we'll almost), but I do remember getting a little creative when they were little.  I saved ideas, I had a few good books and I even tackled the clever snack for the class.  Boats, snails and peanut butter sushi were hits and something to talk about . . I thought I'd give you a few ideas I found not too long ago that blow the mundane box of gold fish out of the water . .

All this cleverness comes from the mind of Jill Dubien, wife and mother of 2.  Her blog first of all is just plain pretty and fun (wishing I still had little kids)  I was most impress with her imagination as well as her presentation and photography.  Kate's not too old for a Bento box lunch . . .  Take a look at a few of my favorites, all compliments of Jill's creative mind and beautiful site (here).

For more clever ideas go to "Meet the Dubiens" their site is full of ideas like these as well.

images courtesy of www.meetthedubiens.com

Now while on the subject of clever, take a look at Jessica Seinfeld's books.  "Simple Secrets to Get Your Kids Eating Good Food"

Her purees are really her secret . . She uses avocados, beets, broccoli, butternut squash, carrots, cauliflower, spinach, sweet potatoes and zucchini - in the food processor, frozen and stored for filtering in everyday dishes.  What I love though is just the simplicity of her recipes.  Clever and sneaky . . . 

and lastly . . there's Annabel Karmel.  With some 27 cookbooks under her belt, you can also download her eBook and iPhone app to make it really easy.  She is passionate about giving kids the very best start.  Her books are easy to follow and can pull you out of your everyday rut!

One of my favorites . . .

These fun boats Keith and I  made for a 2nd grade snack one day.  They were easy to make and a big hit.  We found this and more in Annabel's book.

Get creative, it doesn't take that long.  Just a few more summer days and back they go . .  try one of these little ideas and you kid will think you are the coolest !

Happy Sunday

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