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It was back to Nichole Hasan's home in Atlanta early this week . . . one of my favorite clients who is creating a home and full design with my help.  Nichole has been great to work with.  She is open to all of it and letting me surprise her makes my job and full vision really take shape and come to life (and so much easier !)  I started with her family room and kitchen last year with a plan in place or the living room and dining room to follow.   While down in Atlanta on our first install we papered the dining room and painted the other rooms in preparation for this install.  The rest of my plan was completed down to every detail over the past 2 days.

With a loaded van and truck, I followed my painters and installer South to install three rooms . . Take a look at all the pieces I installed in Phase One to give you the full picture of the full plan.

Her color palette was primarily browns, golds and merlots, all colors I pulled from her open floor plan that included a kitchen with dark cabinets and granite with shades of gold and brown.  Being so open I wanted a nice flow and the pop of the saturated wine color worked beautifully.

When thinking of the future dining room and living room I knew I didn't want a monochromatic brown color scheme throughout the house, so I introduced a blue / green in the form of a large art piece that Keith created for me for the first install.  This little bit of blue in the family room broke up the colors and visually opened up a new color scheme for the front of the house.

The plan for the dining and living room focused more on the blues.  I created a board at the time of the first install, to give Nichole something to look forward to!  Being that I took all my own painters with me the first time, we were able to paint and paper these rooms in anticipation for the next phase.

 The key to this long-distance install was a well detailed check list.  With my design boards in hand I spend last weekend rounding up all the goods and loaded them in the van.  Thinking about the space in my mind, I wandered through it and thought about all the accessories, art, and even all the light bulbs and extension cords I would need.  Here are the boards I created for Phase Two.

I wanting to complete the front of the house with a casual lounge and dining area.  I know Nichole is anxious to entertain and now she'll have the seating to do so.

The road trip began on Tuesday morning and as before, Nichole went off to work before we even arrived, let me do my thing, and came home after dinner to a finished job, it was  like Christmas.  We managed to install all three rooms, including painting one completely (and even wall papered and painted the Master Bedroom in anticipation for Phase Three !) in 6 hours.

Take a look at the finished product.

These two open, yet separate rooms are right at the front door.  A casual, yet slightly more formal living space which opens to the dining room create the perfect entertaining area.  The wall paper in the dining room gives separation, yet using the base color of that paper in the lounge area ties them together to give the look of one large area.  I used a casual, plank dining table with six upholstered dining chairs.  The two window treatments of solid, cream linen bring them together yet let all the accessories and wall paper shine.   Two different chandeliers, one more casual and the other a little more elegant, yet similar in shape and size, compliment each other.

I didn't want to forget the table and "dressed" it for Nichole.  During my shopping trip over last weekend, I pulled together pieces from both Crate and Barrel, and believe it or not Ikea and mixed those in with these gorgeous metal flowers I found at Slate. I loved them so !!!  I used a little green moss to soften all the metal and love the overall look.

I have several favorite accessories in the living space that make it unique and fun.  I used a tall, gold leaf, graphic screen to downplay the three odd windows on the side wall.  While painting on the first trip we included those windows on the side wall, this helped in calling less attention to them.  I also found these amazing, upholstered ottomans at Slate as oppose to your typical coffee table.  We have two lucite trays ordered for "cocktail" functionality.  Casual yet somewhat elegant was my goal.

After completing the first floor, we took the plan upstairs to their media room.  This room, a third bedroom really, housed a large sectional and T.V.  I wanted to give this space a little personality, a little escape.  I didn't want to just make it a game playing, movie watching space, which can lack interest.  It needed to be an eclectic collection with the same feel as downstairs.  Similar color and tone, yet different.  Say goodbye to the builder beige !

Voila . . . Love this.  My painters managed to pull off a two-coat, trim included paint job after we arrived and just hours before the furniture arrived !  I had Keith create two more paintings to break up all the blue and, again, went shopping for all the little details.  Two, flanking floor lamps for low lighting, a collection of vintage and cost effective pillows, as well as a lucite coffee table.  This table, on wheels, lets the detail of this rug show through!

With, 1000+ DVD's I used the new storage (wood and mirror) piece to house them, as well as this round shelf . . . and yes, while furniture was being moved and walls were being painted, I arranged them all from A-Z - and got a real insight into their personality !!

This trip was nothing but a pleasure, with a lot of love (and major orchestrating!)  Our relationship is full of trust and I love that she just lets me go on a roll with all the furniture, art, details and colors.  

Thanks so much Nichole and Jameel !

They walked in to a completely finished product.  If I had put a roast in the oven, they could have just sat down to dinner !   So fun.

With the lounge and dining area, family room and kitchen completed on the first floor, we decided right then and there to address a simple fix to the foyer.  I will be on the hunt for the perfect piece(s) to fill that 7 foot wall and when I return in a few weeks to wrap up the Master (we painted and papered while here) I do believe most of the rooms in this home will be completed !

It was a crazy, busy, fun 2 days.  My thanks to Ashley Mullis and my painters for following me down and helping in pulling this all off.

Gearing up for another road trip to Miami in ten days to install Lindsey Heitman's home . . . Stay tuned and . . .

Happy Holiday Weekend - Whew !

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