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Grayson got a new room today !  Her mom Anna contacted me wanting to get her out of the crib, and into her first big girl bed, and big girl room.  I was happy to help.  Anna loved this stripe wall paper, as did I, so it became my starting point.  Great color combination of pink, acid green, metallic silver with a touch of black to give it some weight.  I worked everything around it and got really lucky with the fabrics we chose for the windows and bedding.   

Yesterday we installed and this room turned out amazing.  So clean, crisp and pulled together I thought!  This 3 year old can enjoy it for years and years to come and that is always my plan.  Thanks to Bree and Ashley Mullis who spent the day installing while I was at another install, we managed to pull off two jobs in 2 days . . They did a great job!

Take a look at the finished product !

Came off just as I imagined !!

all images by mekenzie france

Stay tuned for pics from the install no. 2 of the day !!

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