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A little mid-century vibe for my Mad Men loving clients Mark and Tammy Herman.  Living in Elizabeth, a neighborhood full of quaint bungalows with front porches and tree lined streets has its charm and challenges.  For those of us who live in these neighborhoods, myself included, we often have homes with small rooms, but making them interesting, cozy and fun are the way to go.  We embrace the character of our plaster walls, we love our thick moldings, wide plank, somewhat distressed floors, and my favorite, solid wood doors.  The only challenge I have known is running any king of electrical or cable line inside a plaster wall - drag.

This bungalow has a back family room with sliding doors to an established back yard, so the view is calming and serene.  For this small space, some 12  x 12 feet we added clean and streamlined pieces with monochromatic colors, pale grey walls, ottoman, rug and sofa.  All these pieces have texture which make the single color more interesting.  There's a flannel, a wool braid, and a snake skin vinyl against Ben Moore's Cumulus Cloud #1550.  What breaks up my color palette of grey is the splash of hot pink - Tammy's favorite.  She is always wanting me to bring pink into her life so I am hoping these touches will satisfy her and not send her husband Mark in a tizzy !

Take a look at where I started . . .
I, of course, wanted a wall of paper, but was content with a large framed piece of it to create a photo wall backdrop.  Keith made me a 5 x 7 foot wood canvas, which we applied this amazing paper, then hung their photos over top.  I pulled all my colors from this graphic, fab paper.

Voila, a cozy, pulled together space full of interesting finds.  Their new sectional, an 8 x 8 foot was created by one of my favorite vendors, who build these pieces custom for my clients in the size I need, fabric I want, arm style and depth to perfection.  You know I love my tight backs sofas.  

With my base done, sectional and walls, it was time to build on that.  It was all about the layering and incorporating with just touches of color.

I love the great mid-century chair I found at Slate, pretty bad fabric, but not look at it, a great teal vinyl. Always look for good lines, new upholstery can change everything.

This rug is thick and sofa, loving the braided texture.

A little pop in the graphic pillows and could the colors in the throw be more perfect. 

Loving this cozy, pulled together space! 

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