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I recently met with a new client and her daughter Carly.  It was time for an update.  Teenager now, the soft, sweet color scheme just didn't suit her anymore.    I loved the stripes she did, but she had outgrown the colors and overall look.  Carly was great to work with.  I knew from the minute I spoke with her she'd be game (I think she has a little "designer" in her).  I wanted to show her three different directions she could go in.  While I typical show one design board with some available substations and tweaks, I got a little carried away one day when working on this and came up with three totally different directions.   The challenge in this space was space !  There wasn't much of it.  We needed to come up with a floor plan that didn't look to crammed but incorporated all her needs.  Carly's no. 1 request - orange.

Take a look at my three designs and thoughts on each.

This design incorporated a full size daybed.  Not twin, full.  Centered in the window with a bold paper as a focal point.  This layout left just enough room for a dresser on one side and desk at the foot of the bed on the opposite wall.   I chose a strong, graphic patter, no busy windows and a great mis-matched collection of furniture.

In this plan, I turned the bed outward, but on the same window wall with the more symmetrical  look of matching side tables and lamps.  I pulled another large scale graphic as a focal wall, visible from the entry door.

And lastly, the same symmetrical look but with different pieces.  The tall, tin headboard being the focal point as well as this crazy strong graphic paper.

After talking it all through, we decided the direction best suiting her was the upholstered day bed design.  Take a look at the final product we just installed today.  I love this eclectic room and we all agree it seems so much bigger.  This is a great lounge space for teen girls !

One thing I did decided to add, just today . . . the inlay on the dresser we painted and used.  This small detail will transform a simple dresser . . .

Fun day and an install dream . . no glitches at all and done in 2 hours !

Happy Room Carly !

Off to Atlanta tomorrow . . . 

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