Spotlight: Philip Gorrivan

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One thing does lead to another . .  Phillip Gorrivan.  Fan for years.  I have cut, filed, pinned and mentally noted elements of his designs that I love - great ideas, color combination and unique, unexpected elements. He and his design team collaborate to design spaces that reflect a client's personal style, while keeping it very tailored and sophisticated, and showcasing the home's architectural charm.  He clearly interjects a little whimsy keeping his spaces fresh and fun.  He believes "understanding a client's lifestyle, should drive the design."  I love his work.

These photos have been in my "inspiration file" for a while.  I have taken note of some of the elements but more importantly his unique and perfect choice of color and scale.  All these rooms are a perfect balance of cohesiveness and the unexpected.

Take a look at my past notes of inspiration from these spaces.

"Note to self . . . trim color in high gloss, love the graphic tile floor (should do a graphic black and white pattern on the front stoop at the office), oh look, the tree wall paper I used in Freeman's house !"

 "Note to self . . . is that Francois-Xavier Lalanne sheep?!  I love those . . . (did a post about it here back in 2012).  That one elements take this room from serious to light.. remember that when using a serious damask type wall paper !  The scale of the art is perfect, and the color choices from room to room are strong yet clean.  Love the graphic mix with the organic touches."

"Note to self . . . gotta use a bubble chair somewhere, love the lines of this bar."

"Note to self . . . when can I do black walls ?!  Wish someone were game"

"Note to self . . . bunks - need I say more"

"Note to self . . . . I want a grey lacquer ceiling, love the touch of pink."

"Note to self . . . love the fringe on the table, love the two table idea in the bay window, easier accessibility, casement windows to die for, lavender and grey - great contrast with the yellow."

"Note to self . . eclectic perfection.  Love the art and built in."

"Note to self . . . just the right amount of "beach" in the beach house."
"Note to self . . . perfectly styled bookcases"

"Note to self . . . love the banquet / dining table situation there . . . makes a great game table when not in use or remove table for more lounge space.  I want a real fiddle fig - hate fake trees !"

"Note to self . . . great color combination - his window fabric makes the room . . must use this fabric sometime !!"

And speaking of fabric . . . We at Lucy and Company carry his fabric line (a collaboration with Highland Court) and I have often used them in my projects . .  take a look at my favorites pulled from all our books at the showroom.  Call for an appointment and I've give you a close up look . . .

I thank you Philip Gorrivan for inspiring me over the years.

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