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I love working with Jodie Pannell.  She is cute, fun and one of the most genuine people I know.  Her enthusiasm for "all things pretty" makes her easy to work with.  I think if she could have a do over - design would be her calling, she loves it so much.  She has been moving from room to room with me for years updating, tweaking, and in today's install, a full blown new room.  Her guest room, she'll be the first to admit, consisted of green walls and a bed on a frame.  Oh so sad.  We wanted to continue with the touches of teal used throughout the house, and mix it with the brightest of whites and creams.  

Right when you enter the front door, her style hits you and gives you a glimpse into what's to come.  It sets the tone.

We chose to bring that look and mix of metals, style, unique furnishings,  and colors in the guest room.   I found her a new queen size upholstered bed and flanked it with mirrored side tables and big tall lamps for a little drama.  All this pretty has a back drop of wall paper she has been eyeing for a while now.  The windows have a new pair of linen panels on a sleek antique gold towel bar.   I added a big driftwood mirror for texture contrast and a low bench.  We moved the overhead fixture from the foyer into this room (and added a new, even more dramatic one in the foyer).  I agree with Jody, I might just want to pile in that bed with my lap top and have take vacation day.

Take a look at the details

 Her family room, was where I started not too long ago.  Adding pillows, accessories and a really tall paint job.

We continued to replace lamps and overheads and add art, and accessories.

We moved from the family room to the dining room.  I chose another accent paper to backdrop the mirror and compliment the dining chairs. 

Rather than blowing out the master bathroom and blowing out all our cash, I advised her to just use a killer new paper, add accessories and new lighting.  The vanity, just fine now.

 This powder room did need a bit more work.  New sink, new mirror, new light and more paper... I'm not afraid of too much paper, that's for sure.

all photos by mekenzie france

It's all really coming together, and nothing makes me happier than to hear her excitement.  I think I have her convinced to tackle the front living room now . . .

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  1. Jodie & Beth
    This is just BEAUTIFUL, I'm so jealous I need a complete house make-over (LOL) but maybe I will start with just one room at a time! Thanks for sharing your style with us not so stylish people :) and giving us hope!