All Things Halloween Inspired . . .

Halloooow !

Got a little into Halloween this year.  Lucy started it, wanting to be Harley Quinn, a super villain in the DC Universe, and she'll be the first to tell you the character appeared first in The Batman Adventures #12.   Ya see, she's a collector.  I could think of worse things a 14 year old could be into so I fully support, the reading, the drawing and the Comic Con outings and Keith loves it - reminds him of the baseball card collecting he was so into.  Harley Quinn is clad in the manner of the traditional Harlequin Jester and frequently accompanies the Joker and close to Poison Ivy.  

Anyway, all four of us jumped on the DC bandwagon with Cat Woman Kate, Keith as the Riddler (old school Frank Gorshin style) and myself as Poison Ivy (the spitting image of Uma of course . . . in my head).  It was fun and to attend the Boardman-Collins annual Halloween party Saturday night, a must.    Take a look at all our ridiculous selves . . . though Amy Boardman always looks fabulous !

The morning after, I spent a substantial amount of time on the sofa.  Coffee, The Today Show and Pinterest.  While I wanted to do something productive, it didn't turn out that way,  I think the week caught up with me and I just need a nothing day.  So I played around on Pinterest.  

Take a look at my favorite Halloween images . . .

About 3 hours in . .  the search for cool Halloween looks turned to Halloween colors, which turned to, you guessed it - a little orange inspired design.   I have been known to say to people "that fabric is too Halloweeny," or that rug with the chair "Halloweeny."  When it comes to using orange I like the "accent" approach. Something like this . . .

One of my favorite rug vendors has a plethora or great orange rugs . . I think I've used two of these, with one soon to come.

But my favorite orange combination - turquoise.

Thanks Pinterest Pinners . . . for the hours of down time entertainment.

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