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I also made a return to Susan Brown's house this month.  Her home office too, needed a make over (it's the month of the home offices).  Susan and I have been working together to create not only a cohesive color palette though out her space, but unique pieces that individually make a statement and as a whole, create something beautiful that reflect her personality.   Not too long ago I created a look for her main living space.  Neutrals mixed with a touch of teal and yellow.  When venturing upstairs to the guest room - turned office, I chose to keep the walls clean and simple, with a slight texture... this striking, yet subtle white croc paper.  An interesting and sleek desk and sideboard along with a splash on the windows.  I brought the touch of teal upstairs and used gold to represent the splash of yellow downstairs.

Take a look at my thoughts . . .  

This one fabric combines a powder blue and teal, as well as gold and a grey taupe.  It was perfect.  With the countless fabrics out there, it's funny how hard it can be to find just the right one to combine your colors !

Desks . .  can be sleek and table top like, or full of storage.  I personally like the table top versions with hidden storage nearby.  Just prettier.  I chose this one with a coordinating media console.  The console can hold a wireless printer, and all that no-so-pretty office stuff...

Susan is my client with a ton of personal style, and I wanted her office to reflect stylish things.... firm believer that a space you have to spend so much time doing not-so-fun things should be inviting.  I don't know about you, but I get more work done in a good-looking space !

Mekenzie and I headed over to meet the installer and she captured these images of all the details !

The completed room is sleek and clean, but organized with all sorts of hidden storage under a custom built in window seat, side wall console, closet and behind the door built in file cabinets, leaving the visible space clean and sleek !

With the living space and office complete . . .  

. . . we are finishing the dining room and master to all tie together - if I can talk her into it !

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