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Recently I was heading back from a trip to Atlanta and I pulled off the highway in Athens, GA . . home of UGA, (go dawgs).  I remembered R. Wood Studio.  It just popped in my head.  I have known about them for years and have wanted to seek out their studio, and here I was.  I drove the 20 minutes down the road on a mini jaunt.  R. Wood Studio was everything I imagined in my head.  A rustic barn like studio, tables and shelves lined with brightly glazed bowls, plates, and platters galore.  The look of slight imperfection in a beautiful way.  Deep, rich colors, simple designs, clean, uncomplicated, understated.  I especially love their platters and could, without a doubt, pull them out for any and all occasion.  I have a beautiful setting of theirs in my showroom and the scallop bowls and coffee cups always receive attention.

Take a look at a few pictures I took on my little tour, the things that caught my eye and pieces I loved.
The artists were great in letting me roam around and soak it all in.

photos by beth keim

I jumped on their site when I got home, take a look at a few more images . . .

It was a nice diversion.  Artists that love their work.  A little something original for your dinner table.

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