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We also installed Betsy Reid's main living space this week.  I loved working with Betsy and looking forward to heading back out to help her with a little Christmas decorating.  Betsy first learned of us when visiting the March of Dimes Designer House I did, and then came to see my house on the home tour last Spring.   I think she learned I wasn't afraid of color and mixing all sorts of styles.  The eclectic combination of modern, vintage, classic, graphic and organic you'd say is my thing and I know is hers as well !

Take a look at her before shot.  After meeting Betsy and seeing images of some of the pieces in her home she had collected, I knew right away that this builder-beige room was killing her and I wanted to help right away !

The first and main thing she wanted was to replace was her sofa . .  I wanted to give her one similar to mine and I wanted to add a big splash of color . . she was game.

We finished up yesterday  and with Mekenzie in toe took these shots . .  Take a look at the finished product.

photos by mekenzie france

Phase no. 2 . . . taking the new cool grey from the living space into the halls and kitchen and transforming the open concept dining room.  Of course my wheels were spinning when I designed the living space, with thoughts for the dining room as our next project.  

I want to paint her wainscotings a deep peach and add a wall paper chair rail up.  This amazing peacock pattern, which I have done in the black version is such a stunning paper.  The colors are perfect with the combination I used in the family room.  

Being a collector of all things good, I want to paint her mid century dining table black to ground this room and keep it from looking too light and pastel.

I also want to add to long parson style console tables on each side wall with large lamps in a dark color to again ground the room.

She has an amazing photo she took on a trip, similar to this one.  Don't be afraid to layer art on a busy paper !

Looking forward to our Christmas styling and dining room tweaking . . . stay tuned.

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