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And Merry Christmas !!!   The other day my parents took the both of my girls for an overnight to return them on Christmas Eve.  Keith and I, along with six painters, and two movers were in high gear for a bedroom flip surprise !!  Lucy had no idea but Kate was in on it and what a sweet sister to give up the big room and keep a secret.   We had 1 day to pull it off.

Now I know, my kids have it good when it comes to pulled together, pretty bedrooms and both were recently shot for BH&G, but being in the biz with access to my own inventory, changing the look happens around here - it's a nice perk, and with all my clients under control, it was time to have a fun reveal at my own house !!  

I decided that Lucy needed the bigger room - high school girl you see.  She loved her tree wall paper, but there wasn't much room for the things she loved and the look, while I loved it - wasn't really "her."  She is a huge comic book fan.   Batman in particular - go figure.  Not a girly, girl, much more simplistic and edgy.  She has started going to comic book conventions with Keith, and well if she hooks up with the likes of Tim Burton, these two artist parents would be fine with that!

I wanted to give her a look that was all her with the main focus being her growing collection of art - comic book style.  She has a few new pieces by CJ Draden she loves and wanted to show them off.  To give that art a showcase we painted over the purple glazed walls and cream trim of Kate's room to this stark black and white !!  We had to work fast - had 4 hours before the movers came - I'm not scared, think I've done this a time or two.  So with 3 coats on the walls and one heavy black oil coat on the trim, in came the furniture - we just kept it all a few inches from the wet trim !

She now has an upholstered black and white textured headboard with simple black and white bedding. I loved the fabric I recently used on an install, ordered another yard and made two pop pillows.  It was the perfect pattern for this overall look.

We brought in a grey, flannel love seat, new- yet vintage black dresser and side table and the perfect black and grey rug I had at the store.  Kate's desk was perfect, so I kept it in there.

Take a look at how the art really jumps out now.  We hung the pieces she and Keith recently got at Comic-Con and we had framed for the surprise.  A very random order leaves space for new pieces.  Keith also created this special piece for her using a second copy of the comics he bought.  Check out the detail . . . he's good with an x acto knife !

I thought this lava lamp would be funny and cool.  I reused her duvet cover, with a new one layered on top in teal.

It was such a fun surprise, she had no idea and was so happy with her new digs, it was hard to get her to come out to hang with us on Christmas Eve !!  Now this space is really "all her," and we lovingly call it Lucy's "Bat Cave."  The funniest of all is the fact I never do "theme" rooms and look at me !

What about Kate? . . stay tuned . . 

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