Time to Change It Up . . . Studio Re-Design for 2014

Hey There . . .

Yesterday a free day, I was in heaven.  The house was clean, the tree was up and decorated, the husband was off playing disc golf.  I got all my thoughts together on the re-design of the showroom at Lucy and Co.  Come early 2014 out goes the old colors and furniture and in comes the new.  A New Year, a New Look, (and a new website . . . it's looking so good).  Lot's of new projects on the horizon.

So, I  drew my inspiration from numerous avenues . . . from recent markets, from new fabrics I have been shown, from art I love, from designers I so admire, from magazines, from fashion, from my giant push pin board and even a little winning designs on Project Runway (one of my favs).   I pulled images from everywhere, took the feel of those images and translated them into a look I love.  Our showroom is there to give my clients inspiration, and most importantly the ability to touch and feel.

This year, I would describe the look as warm, vintage, saturated, cozy, distressed mixed with slick, and a crazy mix of styles and textures.  Take a look at where I drew my inspiration . .  all pulled off my big wall.

Eggplant and Saffron are the direction I want to head mixing in golds and silvers with the ever faithful black, grey and white.
Unique shapes, vintage chairs, over dye, Moroccan and a little mid-century. 

A touch of fuchsia or let's call it Radiant Orchid - Pantone's choice - I like the dirtier version.

Saturated, the look of hand painted, raw silks, shags and velvets.

 . . . and here's how I translated it all into our showroom design . . .

I cannot wait !!  It's all ordered and as soon as I get all my Christmas clients under control it's game on.    That nice little break between Christmas and New Years when all my vendors shut it down, we will be transforming.

Will be showcasing fabrics from Harlequin, Romo, Zoffany, Scion, Osborne and Little, Designer's Guild, Duralee, Highland Court, Clarke & Clarke, Villa Nova and C & C.  New introductions from my favorite rug and furniture vendors as well as custom art, lighting, flooring and tile vendors.  Mekenzie and Keith will be working on a joint show collaborating with mix media and a new custom furniture genius will show off his talents.

Stay tuned . . .

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  1. These designs are stunning! I love that you are pairing unexpected colors together. I honestly can't think of a better way to spend the week between Christmas and New Years. Can't wait to see a big reveal in a few weeks! BTW, I have pined over that Maxim 7-Light Chandelier for 2 years now and wish I had the high ceilings to pull it off. So glad to see it still being used in new designs!