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Can't believe it's gonna snow today . . . really?!  I am actually putting on heels for a photo shoot at the studio today . . . Backdrop all set up, ready to go, hoping Charlotte doesn't come to a standstill and we can get this done.  Think they are calling for 1 -2 inches . . . I mean really.  It wasn't that long ago I lived in the North East, and we would be literally digging out our cars to get to work.  But being that I now have a bunch of northerners working with me, I think I will see their faces this am ready to be all styled up for the shoot.  Stay tuned, I'll give you a sneak peak.

In the meantime, been working til the wee hours over the past week on a few new projects, and really excited to get them all underway . . . Welcome 2014 . . 

Enter the Egan's.  New home, new construction, new look.  They have a great room, an empty one. that includes a large eating area and flows into the open kitchen.. Great floor plan.  The request, "let's try yellow."

I proposed a sectional in a neutral.  It's a go-to, but always a great choice to not only define the space, but give the whole family a place to sit, lounge, and watch TV.  The main focal point in this space are the built ins which I plan to either paint yellow or surprise them with a little yellow grass cloth.  The other focal point are the windows.  I found this new ikat.   So pretty.  It will add a lot of color and pattern to a neutral space and set the tone.  Another fun element are the benches on either side of the kitchen table.  Both covered in a flat weave graphic rug... texture and tough, a good combo.

Take a look at all the details.  It's a great start for the Egan's new home !

My friend, and return client,  Shari is back to finish her first floor.  The only room not tackled, the large kitchen that opens into a sitting / family room.  Not the main TV watching room, but more of a kitchen overflow sitting area.  We have been working on updating the entire first floor using creams, robins egg blue and our latest introduction -  a touch of green, both grass and kelly.  With her beautiful collection of green glass, showcased in a tall built in, I wanted to pull that color in the room, just in the form of touches here and there.  Kitchens and sitting areas can tend to be naturally busy with all the "kitchen stuff," so we are streamlining the colors in this space.

With this room flowing into a kitchen of cream cabinets and light counter tops, this clean and updated space will be easy on the eye and really let the beauty of the outside view come in.  A new sofa in a light latte, a fun side chair in kelly polka dots and two latte leather swivel chairs to either converse with company or spin around to see what's going on in the kitchen.  Leather - to accommodate two big dogs that rule the roost.

Another Sheri, Ms. Sayman . . . Happy to jump in and give her a hand.  She so patiently waited until my scheduled opened up.  I am looking forward to giving her a game plan for her first floor.

I have one main thing to work around, two colors she is already using -   Navy and Teal.  Finding that one other fabric to tie these two together was my challenge and this ikat below did the trick I think.  We meet tomorrow, so we'll see what she thinks.

Also recently renovated, her kitchen is a beauty in it's all white and pale grey.  I love what she had done.  It's my job to make the family room equally as pulled together and updated.  I started with two flanking teal cabinets she had made and worked off that adding a rug, windows, sectional and lots of accessories.

When we finish the family room,  we hopefully can move forward, into the dining room, foyer and living room and tie them back to the family room.  Using her existing dining table and great Jonathan Adler chandelier, I want to add one of my favorite papers by Celerie Kemble.  It would be the main focal point.  Love.

Moving into the front living room and having two copper chairs to contend with, I am loving how they will warm up the greys.  The ikat fabric with it's navy, teal and copper is perfect to bring it all together. I want to use their existing sofa with a large distressed mirror to anchor an off center window, and a long hide bench for something different (not sure if they'll go for that, but we'll see).

And then there is Sara Skelton.  Soon to be married, first home together, needs a look, a plan . . . a color scheme.  Take a look at all these seemingly mismatched fabrics, rugs, and paper and how I hope to pull them together !

I am working to create a look for the entire downstairs, a look that will carry you from room to room, yet each have it's own personality.

The living room is long and runs into the dining room.  I want to use a combination of yellow and teal with splashed of a brighter green.  Take a look . . .

I worked on the front living space for two reasons... I wanted to give her a whole look, but mainly to show her how it would tie back to the family room which we are working on first  . . .  (also - getting that new husband happy with his TV watching space will help us in our quest to do some really fun things in the front room and dining room - there is a method to the madness !)

This space has pine panelling in it's entirety.  Rather than ripping it all out, I actually want to keep it and stain it in a grey wash.  I like the texture.  The new sectional will be pulled away from the french doors but centered in the room for optimal TV watching.  A killer wall sconce, dog friendly rug and coffee table. Leather chair and rope covered bookcase.  Kind of love.

With their wedding approaching, we decided to add Lucy and Company to her Registry !  Maybe some of the guest will help fill this new home with the goods !!!

All different, I am excited to get them installed !!!  Now off to the office to meet the glam squad for the shoot.

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