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"I feel like I'm in a hotel."  That was the response I got from Will when I showed him his new space yesterday afternoon.  Thank goodness !!!  Boy's are tough.  They don't give you much to go on as far as what they like.  I do think I know Will a little bit though.  He's much like my Lucy and I have known his family for .. what .. years.  Amy and I have working of her daughter Sophie's Room, and most of the downstairs.

Will is all about art, and he's good.  His personality, to me, seems clean lined, urban, industrial, edgy and it was time for a new bed and a new look.  Out went the bunks and the lime green walls!

I came up with this idea after staying at one of my new favorite hotels in the City, the Ace, located in the Flat Iron District.

Ace Hotel NYC, was designed by Roman & Williams (who are amazing by the way - I did an entire spotlight post about them . . . check it out here)

The Ace is very industrial, clean and simple.  White walls in most with black windows.  Wood furniture, worn leather, simple bedding and welded metal.  Most of the accent walls are either hand painted or covered in a great, graphic paper.  It's way cool.   Take a look  . . .  

compliments of their site

Now take a look at my version. .   Bright white walls and trim, with an accent behind the bed of a striking black paper with an old map detail.   We then brought in black blinds to give the look and feel of black casement windows.   A large black and off-white graphic rug, and all distressed furniture with metal legs.

It's all about the details . . .

This bed . . . built by my go-to Chris Havey and his team.  Heavy as lead, welded metal frame and distressed wood inlay.  He did a fab job.  It's not going anywhere.  On the bed . . . a soft, wool blanket I actually purchased for the Ace Hotel's gift shop to complete the look.  Chris also made a desk top for me to sit on two metal grey file cabinets.  With the look of "distress" it actually has a smooth top for Will to be able to draw on.

I added one of my favorite - quirky - chairs, seen in The Hunger Games, it's made of seat belts and comes in a variety of colors.

A large bookcase and new dresser, I combined several wood types and colors.

The space was a little tight, so I decided to add a side table on just one side with a floor lamp on the other.

photos by mekenzie france

Love, love this space, but love even more that I made this guy with a definite design opinion, happy.

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