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I tell people it can be a slippery slope and this project is exactly what I mean.  I worked with Shannon Avason just recently on her main living room, kitchen and breakfast room.  We took down a wall and opened it all up.  We changed ALL the colors from tan / red / brown / gold to a lighter combination of grey, green, white and a touch of teal.  Major color difference and major style change.  The slippery slope is wanting to continue that palette and style into the other rooms, which is just what we did.

Now because I took out a wall between the kitchen and the family room and closed up a wall from the kitchen to the dining room to move the fridge over, it required that we fix what was behind it in the dining room.  Rather than just painting the same color back in the dining room, I papered it with a green grass cloth to jive with the new color scheme.  Shannon happily accepted my teal showroom curtains (which were up for grabs with my re-design) as well as my beloved white twig chandelier.  I have loved it, but was ready to let it go for something new to come in.  These few changes in the dining room, now work with the new colors in the family room.

Shannon really wanted to do something in her master bedroom which was just across the hall from the dining room.  I came up with a plan to continue the colors, as well as work in some other showroom pieces as well as new pieces.  These showroom pieces saved quite a bit and allowed us to completely revamp the master !  We changed it all . . .  Take a look at the boards I did for Shannon for a visual.

We installed the other day and,  being the slave driver that I am, Mekenzie (still wearing her Florida flip flops) jumped from her car into mine minutes from returning from her trip to head to Denver to shoot.

I absolutely love these images !

Isn't this the dreamiest bedroom.  We relocated the bed up against a sea of pattern, both in the paper and curtains (which made Shannon nervous, but got it when I was done !)

A new upholstered headboard, side tables, lamps . . . all these pieces of different styles but in a cohesive color palette.  So bright and airy now !!!

We did a large gouging over a new sofa of mis-matched pieces, all that work as a group.
Mix art, photos, empty frames (why not.. the frame itself is gorgeous) mirrors.

Take a closer look at the pattern on pattern . . . as well as the contrast of somewhat formal in the tufted headboard, painted tree lamp and open side table.  I love the legs on these tables.

A few vintage finds made it in the room as well (thanks Slate) as well as a very modern bench.  We mixed all sorts of woods, paint, stains, fabrics, papers.  I think it works!  You?

Shannon's new color palette is now really coming along !  Take a look at all the colors together that I am bringing into the house.

Installed just recently over the holidays . .  Shannon's new family room focuses on the greens, greys and whites with a touch of teal.  We started the dining room with new grass cloth, curtains and chandelier.  Carrying the paint colors in the foyer and up the stairs I am sure we will next . .  Phase 3

I am in love and she is a joy to work with . . . the "surprise me" element has been a win-win!

Thanks Shannon . . .

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  1. Always fabulous Beth! I just love seeing your "Install of the Day" posts!