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I didn't want a little snow stopping us last week when it came to our install at the Jacobson's house. The truth of the matter was that if I had bumped the install it would have thrown off my entire week and I wasn't having that.   Luckily I have a crew of painters, installers and assistants that aren't a bunch of wimps so we headed out to transform the rooms of two sisters, Caitlyn and Paige.

Both of their rooms needed a face lift !  It was time to lose the pink and some of the sweet cottage -type furniture and pull in sleeker, brighter and more streamlined pieces.

Take a look at Caitlyn's design. . .

I also did another version for Caitlyn to pick from . . . this a little stronger.

In both of these designs we wanted to re purpose her existing 4 poster bed.  It was your typical white with a carved rose on the headboard and foot board.  It was pretty, but we wanted to change it up.  Good tip - paint and create upholstered panels to cover the carved rose detail.  This one thing instantly transformed the bed to something less cottage and more grown up.

Take a look at the finished product.  New wall paper covering the room, new side tables and lamps and a newly reupholstered love seat.  The addition of a rug on a rug, adds a punch of color to a big cream wall to wall carpet and adds weight to the floor.

Great nook for a cozy love seat.  Jo - mom to the girl's came by and together we found this great West Elm coffee table . . . it's was a big hit in that the top opens and tilts toward you, perfect for a little lap top work.

Take a closer look at the bed deal.  I love the upholstered panel overlay.

Does this paper look familiar?  I used a different color combination in the Avason's Master Bedroom !  In Caitlyn's room it has a entirely different look and feel.

Such a bright and airy space now.  It was such fun working with Jo and the girls.

Stay tuned for sister Paige !

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