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Part two of our install during the "Charlotte Blizzard" was Paige's room.  Paige wanted blue with a touch of orange.  More graphic and funky.  I really wanted to mix furniture types and textures while giving Paige a functional and striking space.  She needed a little styling up, artist that she is.

I met with the girls to get a feel for what they liked.  With teens I have learned over many, many years to create a few designs for them to choose from, not overload them with too many options, but give them enough to feel they are making the call !

Take a look at Option 1.

In Option 2. I had a wall paper focal wall rather than fabric.

We chose to go with the curtains in this design.  Paige loved the fabric and I love how this space turned out !  When you have shutters, a single width will do to give you the splash.

The mix of  both white lacquer and wood in the furniture create the eclectic feel I love.  Paige also got a new bed, upholstered to soften up the look.  Her big request was a dose of orange and I filtered that in with two lamps and pillows.  Take a look at the finished product.

Another tip - an upholstered headboard attached to a simple wood frame.  No need for that dated skirt.

I also wanted to mix up the side tables, similar height was important though.

I love the old school type writer Paige wanted for Christmas !

Now they both have new, updated looks, different yet more "them."

Pleasure ladies and thanks !

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