A Day Wandering through High Point Market

Hi There !

Maggie, Mekenzie and I headed to High Point last week on the second to last day.  I am realizing that going towards the end is way more relaxed !  We wandered through Suites at Market Square, took our time and chatted with our vendors, met new ones and ran into other like designer friends who agreed - hit market towards the tail end.   On the hunt for new beauties, got a good look at things I have picked for certain jobs and overall found a wealth of inspiration!  Having Mekenzie there to capture all the images to refresh my memory of the many, many things we spotted is one of the best parts.  It can be image overload, in such a good good way !  So take a walk through Market with us . . .

Familiar with Mary McDonald's signature look?  It looked simply gorgeous in the foyer of the _____ showroom . . .

all photos by Mekenzie France

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