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I have been working to install several kids spaces recently while designing and meeting with new clients on their grown up spaces.  It's definitely a focus jump for me, but a lot of the same principles I apply to grown up living spaces, I apply to kid's rooms.  It's all about the details and scale.

I ran over to Nashville recently to install the sweetest 2 year old space, thought I 'd share.  Today, we are in the process of moving out all of the furniture and accessories in our showroom to move in the new at the end of the month and the place is a wreck -  so to take a breath I thought I'd do this quick post

I have been working with two sisters, Kelly Frizzel and Samantha Reedy.  Living 10 feet away from each other I first met the two when I installed Kelly's son's room last year.  It was one of the funnest out of town installs I have done and the room turned out amazing.  I met her sister, Samantha while on that trip and we decided to re-do her daughter's room.

Maggie is a bubbly 2 year old and Samantha and I decided her colors should match her personality. We wanted to do navy and coral.  I wanted a paper, because in this case I thought all navy walls would be a bit heavy for the size of the room.  With the pattern of a paper, it would break up the severeness of such a strong color.

I sent her about 6 different options, take a look at how just the paper can really change the feel of the room . .

So which one won out?  Option 3.  Being long distance, Samantha was great with her measuring, emails and pictures.  I ordered the paper and she had it installed and the room painted prior to my coming.

We decided on this rug to add more color, but on the furniture and key pieces where we focused on the navy and coral and we amped it up to the strong side.  Take a look !

Strong and vibrant !  It was a fun, quick install in Nashville.  Great little get-away (I stayed an extra night to order room service!!)

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