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I love spotlighting artists, this time chatting up someone I know pretty well.  Keith, my husband, has been creating original pieces for our clients for years.  He works with me to incorporate just the right piece to add a little pop to the room.  Ok, so I will admit, its pretty nice to be able to have exactly what I am thinking in a space, appear and it's strictly because I am looking over his shoulder saying "add a little white, add a swish or two!"  He kind of hates that, but in the end when he sees the space he loves how it all came together and how his piece gives the room an original touch.  

In design I believe art and lighting and the most important elements to bring all the goods and colors to life.  Don't neglect the art !  That's not to say you have to spend a fortune, but sometimes just the right piece gives a room major wow factor.  What does go hand in hand with that is the lighting.  Low lighting (a.k.a lamps !!!) are very important along with spot lighting and chandeliers on dimmers !  Lighting will showcase your amazing art as well as add an overall warmth to the space and keep the true colors of your walls and furniture in tack.  So ditch those fans with light attachments !!!  Trade them in for fans with no light kits and add lamps and spots.

Back to Keith . . .  He recently was part of a group show at Hart Witzen Gallery.  His studio is located in these space along with several other artists.  Everyone got their best pieces together and showed them off in the building's center gallery along with cocktails and crab cakes during Charlotte's Friday Night gallery crawl.  He has been working on his own series of mixed media.  He has gotten pretty fired up about using ink recently, mixed with acrylic and wax (encaustic) as well as other odd ingredients like corrugated cardboard, joint compound, silver and gold leaf, caulk and even packing tape.  The multi use of these mediums have given these pieces texture and illumination as well as the most beautiful organic feel.  Working on both canvas, metal and wood, each take on a different look and feel.  Abstract art appeals to us both, some organic in their movement, others with more straight lines and a harsher feel.  All create quite a conversation.

Take a look at the recent pieces shown at the Friday night crawl.

mixed media - ink and acrylic

above 3 pieces - ink on metal

mixed media incorporating acrylic and leaf

mixed media incorporated metal acrylic and string gel

mixed media incorporating acrylic, chalk, leaf and clear packing tape / mixed media on wood canvas incorporating acrylic, was and metal wiring.

 acrylic on canvas

acrylic on corrugated cardboard, framed over lucite

mixed media acrylic, wax and ink

mixed media incorporating acrylic, caulk and wax

To see more of Keith's work or to work with us to commission a piece, contact Lucy and Company.  Several pieces are showing at our East Boulevard studios!

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