Fun New Finds at ICFF


Along with great digs, amazing eats and a fab Designer House in the big apple, hitting the ICFF show was high on the list as well.   I am always on the hunt for lighting, rugs,  new wall papers and great accessories.  Thought I would share my favorites from the show.  I noticed a lot of vibrant colors and patterns in the way of papers.. metallic were mixed in as well as cool tribal and bohemian patterns which I love.  In my eye, mixing such strong patterns and textures needs to have equally cool lighting whether it be simple or a little over the top (I am still on that more is more look though).  Another thing I saw was a lot of rose gold, brass and copper intros.  Take a look . . .

Lighting was abundant . . .  Apparatus (be happy to source you) was, and is always, a stand out.  Even their booth was gorgeous.   Love these . . 

From one extreme to the next, Canopy is another favorite of mine - completely different look.  Beaded, drippy, hand painted, crystals, funky.  

Phillip Watts Design had some great new hardware this year.  Want to dress up a boring cabinet . . 
Naomi Paul has a great eye.  I love the lines of her lighting.   Clean, simple yet heavy in texture.

This was the first year I came across Vito Selma.  Statement pieces for sure !

Great, fun papers by Flavor Paper - bring on a little color !

Eskayel was back with beautiful patterns . . .

And ok, had to get one of these.  Hilarious.

Another thing that Mineheart had to offer was wall paper to give you the look of wainscoting . . 

or a tufted wall !

and lastly, clever and original outdoor beauties !

Fun new stuff !! Can't wait to use.

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